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 Jeff S. Davis
Jeff S. Davis has a graduate degree in counseling psychology and worked in the field for nearly twenty years. His primary work was with adult depressive disorders, trauma, and childhood ADD/ADHD, mainly teaching children to focus and increase their frustration tolerance when working on needed tasks. He is currently working towards a B.A. in mathematics at Portland State University and has been tutoring students for seven years. He enjoys helping students discover that one doesn't have to be a "special" kind of person to learn mathematics, even higher mathematics, but primarily needs to manage anxiety and develop good practice skills. His overwhelming passion for math transfers easily to his students, who not only improve their skills and grades, but also their attitudes.
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The StudyWise approach to academic coaching is a personalized one-on-one student based service that helps build a better student and person: Organizational skills • Time management • Study skills • ADHD and learning disabilities • Self-advocacy • Building self-esteem • Teacher communications • Individual course tutoring in math, reading, writing and much more.
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