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 Melissa Arrigotti
Melissa Arrigotti holds a Masters in School Counseling from Portland State and a Bachelors in Psychology and Education from Gonzaga University. She has loved being a school counselor for the last 15 years both in virtual and brick and mortar settings. Her favorite parts of school counseling have been supporting students through the college application process and teaching life skills and strategies that can make teenage years less stressful. Melissa is excited to get to do her favorite parts of counseling in her role as an academic coach! When she isn't working with students you can find Melissa snuggling her two cats Stormageddon and Adipose, playing video games or catching Pokemon with her soon-to-be stepkids, or devouring a good book.
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The StudyWise approach to academic coaching is a personalized one-on-one student based service that helps build a better student and person: Organizational skills • Time management • Study skills • ADHD and learning disabilities • Self-advocacy • Building self-esteem • Teacher communications • Individual course tutoring in math, reading, writing and much more.
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