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"Working with Amy and her team has absolutely been the single most effective thing we have done to help our son..."
What Parents Say
"Amy has been a wonderful resource for us over the past year. Our son was in need of some academic guidance, support and assistance and Amy was just what he needed. Since he's been seeing Amy, he is much more organized, confident and his grades have really improved. I wish we had started seeing her sooner."        Parents, 8th Grader, Madeleine School
"Amy has been working with my middle school aged son for almost two years. In that time, he has developed the skills he needs to study effectively, focus on what is important, ensure he is turning in his homework properly, and study for tests and create long term projects without waiting until the last minute. He is a three sport a year kid, so this is no small feat! Most importantly, he takes school, schoolwork and his own performance very seriously and makes them a priority. He has learned and will continue to learn valuable skills to make him very successful in high school and beyond."        Mom, 7th Grader, West Sylvan Middle School
"Dani has been working with our son for the past several years and has literally converted a failing middle school student who had struggled all his life with school (he has ADHD and cannot tolerate medications to add to her challenge) into an A and B student in high school who knows he is going to college, loves school and is the hardest working of my 10 children. She promotes a healthy positive attitude, a love for doing well and learning and has a style of teaching and coaching that helps him really learn the material. Dani stays in touch with his teachers like a parent would or should (I'm too busy and disorganized myself). I recommend Study Wise to anyone who asks or needs tutoring support for their child. "        Dad, 11th Grader, Wilson High School
"Our 17 year old son recently returned home from boarding school. His return home did not coincide with him returning to his neighborhood high school for the current semester. Amy is helping him succeed in a self- guided credit recovery program. She is providing needed structure and motivation. The service Amy is providing will help him transition back into his neighborhood high school and eventually move on to college. Amy's program provides accountability for her students while serving as a valuable mentor. Amy does a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to make the weekly sessions productive. We highly recommend Amy's programs since they can be customized to fit the needs of any student whether the student is struggling or not. Amy is a great fit for a good student who needs more structure and coaching to reach his or her full potential, not just students who are falling behind."        Dad, Junior, Lincoln High School
"Working with Amy and her team has absolutely been the single most effective thing we have done to help our son cope with his ADHD and schoolwork. Amy's coaching has resulted in a steady performance increase from a 2.1 GPA in our son's first semester as a freshman in high school to a 3.8 GPA for his first semester of junior year. StudyWise Tutoring offers far more than a simple tutoring session for single subject classes. We are able to count on outstanding collaboration with weekly organization and workload structuring as well as problem solving. We can also rely on the strong bond that Amy has created with our son to provide support and encouragement that helps him navigate through the chaos of an overcrowded school with overwhelmed teachers. She has taught him to advocate for himself and set goals - skills that will be with him for a lifetime. We are so very thankful to have found Amy and StudyWise Tutoring. Without the daily homework struggles and concern for our son's future, we are a significantly happier family."        Mom, Junior, Lincoln High School
"From a parent's perspective, Dani has been an incredible gift. Knowing she is able to spend thoughtful time with my son, understand the curriculum, his teachers, his learning style, and communicate the progress thoroughly with me has been very helpful and reassuring. Dani is very professional, reliable and accommodating. Most importantly, I know my son really enjoys working with her. We are very fortunate to be able to work with Dani and Studywise!"        Mom, Junior, Lincoln High School
"I feel so good about myself and am proud of my work. It's all thanks to you. Without you I probably would be putting in half-effort and doing poorly. I'd like to give you a big thank you! You've done a lot for me and have meant a lot to me. I appreciate everything."        Student, Junior, Southridge High School
"Amy has gone and is continuing to go beyond the call of duty to help my teenager be successful. She is extremely good at what she does. Even if she does run into something that is new territory, she will research the issue and become knowledgeable in order to tackle the problem. Amy has also taken extra time to bond with my daughter. This has made a world of difference in that my daughter not only looks forward to her sessions with Amy, but also wants to do well in school in order to make Amy proud of her. Amy has also made a world of difference for me in that I do not need to be as involved in my daughter's school work, something that was creating a rift between the two of us. I now allow myself the luxury of thinking "I'll just have Amy deal with it", and reap the benefits of a more relaxed and loving relationship with my daughter. Amy is intelligent, communicative, caring and definitely organized! She is worth her weight in gold!"        Mom, 9th Grader, Arts and Communication Magnet Academy
"Amy stepped right up to the plate with my child who was struggling in school, pulling in C's and D's mainly due to the inability to juggle his classwork, plan and complete his assignments. From the very first meeting, she looked him right in the eye and asked him direct questions, waited for his response. She set up a plan of action with him, and after a few short weeks, we were seeing improvements in his study habits. Even though he still struggles with a few late assignments, there are no where near what we were seeing. She is nurturing to him but firm. She holds him accountable and every week, she forwards me the e-mails the teachers have sent to her about the status of my son's current assignments, missing work, future assignments and behaviour in class. I like the fact that her presence has removed the "fight" between my son and I. We no longer have those long battles about homework, we just follow Amy's "list" for the week! She has helped this family tremendously!!"        Mom, 9th Grader, Lakeridge High School
"Worth every penny. Amy is a very good tutor and excellent influence on our daughter. In addition, she also works hours behind the scenes to stay after the teachers and my wife and I to ensure our daughter succeeds."        Dad, 9th Grader, Lakeridge High School
"Amy is very skilled at putting the child at ease and introducing them to better ways of organizing and studying. Even though our daughter had taken a study skill class in school, she really didn't fully develop the skills she learned for it to become second nature. With Amy's help, our daughter was able to put into practice the Studywise way of organizing and studying through repetitive weekly sessions. Our daughter's study skills are now much stronger and consistent and her attitude and grades reflect these new skills. I would highly recommend Amy for any student at any level and feel the skills Amy teaches are invaluable to keeping the student organized and on task with their studies."        Dad, 8th Grader, West Hills Christian
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The StudyWise approach to academic coaching is a personalized one-on-one student based service that helps build a better student and person: Organizational skills • Time management • Study skills • ADHD and learning disabilities • Self-advocacy • Building self-esteem • Teacher communications • Individual course tutoring in math, reading, writing and much more.
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